• name lily
  • age 18
  • birthday march 14
  • status active
  • occupation internet pop star
  • location in the cosmos
  • pronouns she/her
  • hometown the moon

About Me

hey! i'm lily, also known as girlmoon. i decided to start girlmooniverse because i wanted a place to share all of my thoughts. i'm heavily inspired by the 2000s, digital media, vintage magazines & clothes, and all cute things. some contents of my blog will include textposts detailing my life, hot takes & pop culture, and other various brain farts. i'll also be posting scans of some personal sticker sheets & magazine pages, along with other random images i collect.

below is a brief description on my goal as a blogger, and info on how to get in touch. thank you for reading and taking the time to get to know me a little bit better!

dig deeper

the goal of girlmooniverse is to leave a mark on the internet. everyone knows that the world wide web will never die, and whatever you put on it will live there forever. instead of being scared or cautious of this, i instead want to make it something beautiful - something everlasting. besides making the girlmooniverse and the infinite internet my own, i want to connect with anyone who passes through my little home here. my ask is open to questions, prompts, ideas, or anything else you may have to say. i have plans for the future to open submissions and a more interactive mailbox, but for now that's all, stick around & check out the blog for future updates!